About the movie

Naked Weapon – the movie, which was released in 2002. Naked Weapon was written by Jing Wong and directed by Tony Ching Siu Tung. It’s a foreign action/adventure/thriller starring Maggie Q, Daniel Wu and Anya Wu.
The plot revolves around the remaining three of 40 young girls who are kidnapped and taken to a deserted island. Once there, they are relentlessly trained to become the most lethal assassins in the world. But, the training is so vicious that only three of the girls survive. Their names are Jing, Charlene Ching, and Katt and they are played by Jewel Lee, Maggie Q and Anya Wu respectively.

Once they graduate from their training, they become highly sought after assassins, but their main goal is to eliminate Madame M, the monster who abducted all the girls. But, first they must work for her and perform numerous assassinations around the world.
Meanwhile, they are being watched by a handsome CIA agent named Jack Chen, whom of course one of the girls must fall in love with eventually. His love interest is Maggie Q’s character, Charlene, but they are fated not to be together for long. After Katt is brutally tortured and killed, Charlene assassinates the Yakuza boss who killed her. Jack vows to help Charlene with getting free from Madame M, but in the end she is still on the run and only able to watch the man she loves from afar.

This is quite the action-packed film, although the plot is a bit thin and similar to so many other foreign action movies of the same genre. It is still enjoyable for action lovers, however, and the direction by Tony Ching Siu Tung is quite capable and even inspired in some scenes.