Naked Weapon – The Movies Review

You could not really accuse Chinese film director Jin Wong of having a spotless reputation. In fact, earlier movies like High Risk and The Duel left audiences mostly cold and failed to deliver on their promise of all out action and suspense. So, where do 2002 offering Naked Weapon stand; is it as lackluster and predictable or has Wong managed to put together a half decent thriller this time?

Well, suffice to say, Naked Weapon has come as a bit of a surprise to most. Whilst it is certainly not a cinematic masterpiece, nor does it reinvent the wheel, it nevertheless manages to be a thoroughly entertaining romp. The plot itself is a little bit farcical, but it has echoes of old school Charlie’s Angels, which is rarely a bad thing. It centers on a group of young girls who are abducted and forced to train as international assassins.

Assassins and Part Time Supermodels

They find myself working for the ferocious Madame M and this is the cue for a remarkable amount of sexy slo-mo sequences and shots of female assassins
pulling incredible moves, but never putting a well coiffured hair out of place. As soon as you understand that this is a pretty good metaphor for Naked Weapon, however, you should be in good hands.

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SHOCKING: Murder Cases Intensify As Characters Turn Against Each Other-Naked Movie

Naked Weapon is a thrilling and spellbinding movie that takes you from the time a man of unknown identity is murdered to the time the leader of assassin gang Madam M is killed. It comes to satisfactory ending where characters who survived go to the Chinese temple to offer prayers. But just how does this movie relate to wedding anniversary gifts? Let’s find out.

Wine Celebration
Just like in a wedding anniversary where a friend or relative will buy you different drinks including wine to drink and celebrate, the same is true with Naked nakedweaponc21Weapon movie. For instance after the three girls; Charlene Chin, Kate and Jing manage to survive the gruesome training, a party is organized for them to celebrate. Madam M who is the leader of the assassin gang decides to give them different wines in order to celebrate their success. Unfortunately, the wine has intentionally been contaminated with drugs. This renders them helpless and hence are raped by guards who are invited by Madam M.

Wedding anniversary gifts are a way of showing appreciation to the couple for successfully completing different life stages every year while still together (check this website if you need fantastic 25th wedding anniversary gifts). In other words, they graduate every year.

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