Naked Weapon is a thrilling and spellbinding movie that takes you from the time a man of unknown identity is murdered to the time the leader of assassin gang Madam M is killed. It comes to satisfactory ending where characters who survived go to the Chinese temple to offer prayers. But just how does this movie relate to wedding anniversary gifts? Let’s find out.

Wine Celebration
Just like in a wedding anniversary where a friend or relative will buy you different drinks including wine to drink and celebrate, the same is true with Naked nakedweaponc21Weapon movie. For instance after the three girls; Charlene Chin, Kate and Jing manage to survive the gruesome training, a party is organized for them to celebrate. Madam M who is the leader of the assassin gang decides to give them different wines in order to celebrate their success. Unfortunately, the wine has intentionally been contaminated with drugs. This renders them helpless and hence are raped by guards who are invited by Madam M.

Wedding anniversary gifts are a way of showing appreciation to the couple for successfully completing different life stages every year while still together (check this website if you need fantastic 25th wedding anniversary gifts). In other words, they graduate every year. In a similar way, Naked Weapon movie Anya Wu naked weaponinvolves graduation among actress. There is a special training that takes six years for a girl to become a professional assassin. These three girls Charlene Chin, Kate and Jing have one condition to fulfill in order to graduate. They need to pass one test which is very risky. And this is Fight For Survive/To The Death Test. However, they all resort to becoming the third survivor because they could not kill each other.

Mission Oriented
For every action that involves presenting a wedding anniversary gift , there is always a mission behind it. This could be to encourage the couple to continue living together in peace despite challenges. The same thing happens in Naked Weapon Movienakedweaponcmovie though from a different stance. The different actors and actress we encounter are on a mission. From the first instance, we meet a Fiona Birch who is on a mission to kill. She manages by ending the life of a man of unknown identity.

But unfortunately for her, she moves out of the apartment, is hit by a rocket and Madam M silences her completely. So she dies. In addition, the girls are sent buy their boss on missions in different parts of the word. Coincidentally, Charlene meets her long lost mother in Hong Kong.

Bad Motive
Not every person that offers an anniversary wedding gift does it with good intention. Some may present you gifts that will either harm you or put your life in danger. In a similar way, we see actress going against each other and even murdering their colleagues. First is nakedweaponcmovie1Madam M who kills Fiona Birch. Then Ryuichy’s partner is murdered by Charlene. After which we have Madam M being killed by Rhyuichi. Ryuich is eventually finished by the enraged Charlene after realizing that he killed Katt.

Even though Naked Weapon movie involves a lot of violence with several cases of murder and assassinations, there are a few themes we can use to relate it to wedding anniversary gifts as explained above.